Educational Shows

Mr Bottle is one of the most creative magicians in the world, having his magic creations featured on ‘The Linking Ring’ and ‘M-U-M’, official publications of the International Brotherhood of Magicians as well as Society of American Magicians

“His show was open to the public and it was a big success. All that attended had a GREAT time. He was very entertaining and very good with the kids. The parents and the kids all walk out with a smile on their faces.” — Mike Miller, The Society of American Magicians, Past National President

Educational shows are not only suitable for schools, they are great for Bring Your Kids to Work events, family days, shopping malls and even birthday parties.

You Learn The Most When You Are Having Fun!

Our Educational Shows not only teaches just the children the important key messages, it also involves participation, lots of fun which in turn will impress upon the very important messages they can use in their lives!

Bring home your Message!

Magic revoke laughter and many other emotions which creates a lasting memory for the kids. The bring-home message is much stronger than letting the kids see some exhibits at a roadshow. Magic works!

Case Studies: In the area of Philadelphia, a health magic show had been going on for more than 5 years; more and more schools were getting the show just by word of mouth! The principals and teachers could see the difference in their students! This show worked and people remembered the message. This project in America was fully funded for 5 years under the Obama administration.

In Singapore, Mr Bottle happened to talk a family who watched the nutrition magic show the day before, and the parents mentioned how their daughter was talking about 2+2 (servings of fruits and vegetables) the whole night!

“Thank you for giving me tips on how to take care of my health. Also thank you for showing me some magic tricks. I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Please come again!”~ Angel O.

Hassle Free

No elaborate set up needed. No backdrop to set up. No roadshow to run, just a show. Teacher can even follow up after the show in class with questions or even with worksheets. This set up needs as little as 1 person to run the whole project, making it a very cost effective way to spread the message to all the kids.

Multiplying Effect!

Do your kids always tell you something funny or amazing they have seen? Yes, if every kid tells 2 people about it, imagine the impact it will make on others!

Empower the kids to make the change!

Parents do listen to their kid! Imagine the kid tells the parents that they want to eat healthy food everyday. Will the parents do it too? YES!

Case Studies: As seen on a breakfast show in America, a kid was so inspired about eating healthy, he changed the family’s eating habits and eventually wrote a book hopefully to inspire those around him too!


Magic is customizable to suit the age group of the kids. A psychologist by training, Mr Bottle can alter the presentation or the type of magic that is most suitable for that age.

Some of the Shows available:

Nutrition and Fitness Show (30min) – Mr Bottle has been working with Health Promotion Board by providing this special educational show for schools and roadshows for 10 years. Consisting of magic, balloons and games, the show covers topics such as Eating by the Rainbow, 2+2 servings of vegetables and fruits, exercising 5 days a week and more!

Eye Care Magic Show (30min) – Do you know that Singapore has the highest Myopia rate in the World? Using the guidelines set by Health Promotion Board, kids not only learn how to care for their eyes and the recommended distance when looking at books and computer, they will see also amazing magic like a flying lamp!

Green Magic Show (30min) – As environmental awareness becomes more pressing, this magic show teaches children about the 3Rs and protecting the environment. For instance, Mr Bottle can magically change an empty drink can, into a full one while telling them about recycling aluminium cans!

Science Show (30min) – Want something different for your unique and different for your school? A first in Singapore, Professor Messy will demonstrate science principles, with magical and fun results. The children will be fascinated with the wonderful world of science interlaced with magic, yet the fun and laughter never stops! Science has never been so entertaining! All your guests will be enthralled by the special event you organised for them! For instance, kids learn how lighting and thunder is formed by the use of a Van de graaff.

Magic in a Bottle Show (45min) is show which motivate students to try their best and dream big! Incorporating Mr Bottle’s passion in magic and ambition to inspire people around him, Mr Bottle has created a 18min TEDtalk-like presentation about the Story of Mr Bottle together with a 30min interactive show on how he overcame all odds to be a successful magician.

Dinosaurs Magic Show + Fossil Talk (60min) is an interactive show cum talk which has elements of dinosaurs and adventure in the show. We will also bring in an expert with real dinosaurs fossils to talk about paleontology.

We also provides ventriloquists (puppet show), mascot show and other shows which can be customised to suit your theme like Road Safety, bullying, etc. 

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